The Official Biography

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"Everything goes with anything" is the credo of stylist Lori Goldstein that has come to define her aesthetic signature as well as the scope and depth of her career. Lori's work has covered a vast range, from her collaborations with photographers Annie Leibovitz at Vanity Fair to Steven Meisel at Vogue Italia, to her styling for designers Donatella Versace and Vera Wang, and to her most recent benchmark, and perhaps her most proud: LOGO by Lori Goldstein, an exclusive collection for QVC. That these various projects should seem separate and removed from each other is exactly what Lori would not have you believe. For her there is no divide, it is never a question of "why" but always "why not." Whether it is in the mix of the high and low, the clash of pattern and color (that always seem to harmonize in Lori's hands), or the total, uncanny and celebratory challenge to our senses, Lori's world is as multifaceted as the aggressive eclectic style that she has pursued for over 20 years.

It was the photography of Diane Arbus and her strange and off-kilter images that would prove to be an early and important inspiration to Lori. Showing her that one must always look beyond what is actually seen, it enabled her to look at everything in a unique and special way and mostly importantly, to appreciate them for what they truly are. It is a perspective that has guided Lori throughout her career styling for Allure magazine, Prada, H&M and Gap - and in her life as well. Lori is an avid nature and animal lover, finding each as inspiring as the exuberant and fantastic clothes she styles and designs.

When Lori is not searching for the perfect piece for her shoots or styling some of the film and music world’s most celebrated talents she is hard at work designing for LOGO, bringing that same glamour and fashion sensibility to everyone and anyone. She currently resides in New York City with her much-loved miniature pincher, Louise.